3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review – Is It Worth It?

The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a fast-tracked training that will take you through the process of building out your own affiliate marketing business in just 3 days.

It doesn’t teach hypothetical methods or things that might work. It provides proven methods that have allowed the creator Jonathan Montoya to break 6-figures within a single affiliate program.

Shortly after leaving his engineering job and launching his own masterclass Freedom Breakthrough.

This will an in-depth 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a $7 training program that will give you actionable steps to follow. It will be the roadmap to getting an affiliate marketing business set up using proven methods.

3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

Throughout this blog post, we will explore everything that is inside of the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge so you can decide if it is the right fit for you!

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Watch A 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

I did a complete review of the challenge that you can watch below!

Within this video you’ll get a clear understanding of everything inside of the program as well as a a take on why I personally jumped into his program.

What is The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

The business breakthrough challenge is a 3-day training program that is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch and get their own affiliate marketing business online in record time.

An overview of each of the days and what you could expect to learn in each of them is as follows:

Day 1 – Your Affiliate Business

The first day starts off with some introductions to Jonathan Montoya and why he’s qualified to be teaching these methods.

Followed by real results that students of his are achieving, it then goes into breaking down the core concepts of affiliate marketing and all of its moving parts.

3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

It is wrapped up with giving you some actionable steps to follow and complete before moving on the next day and is the same framework that has allowed people to replace their jobs with affiliate marketing.

By the end of the challenge will you have a clear understanding of:

  1. Clear Picture of how to build a profitable online business
  2. Actionable steps to follow and implement immediately
  3. Know how to build your own business and have it launched
  4. Getting unlimited customers to your business
  5. Scaling and Growing your business
  6. Have a Done For you system at the end of the challenge

The first day gives you an introduction to all of the concepts of affiliate marketing and everything that you could expect from this 3 -Day business builder challenge.

Day 2 – Building Your Business In 30 Minutes

The first day was comprised of a ton of information and getting your head in the right space to understand everything that is going on and what to expect.

3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

The second day is full of actionable steps and will take you through the entire process of building your assets online.

It takes you step by step through the following things

  1. Finding A Product That You Want To Promote – How to determine what types of products you want to promote and should be promoting
  2. Setting up your own sales funnel – Your asset that will allow you to collect contact information before sending them to a product
  3. Setting up Email Marketing – So you can follow up with the people that come through your funnel.
  4. Advanced Automation – Setting up email marketing campaigns that will allow you to promote to your leads more than once based on their actions with your funnel.

This day takes you through the entire process of getting your assets set up and live!

He takes you through the process in real time which is great because a ton of new affiliate get hung up on this part and over complicate the entire process.

He then wraps up this day by letting you get a copy of his sales funnel that has made him over 6-figures.

Day 3 – Building The Traffic

Arguably the most important part of being an affiliate marketer, and is really the lifeblood of every business.

This day is heavily focused on how to create traffic and customers coming to your affiliate links and offers.

3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

The previous days got everything set-up and functional, and the final day wraps up the challenge with how to actually get exposure to yourself and your brand.

The traffic methods covered in this module will give you options depending on which you would like to go, free or paid.

Everything Within Day 3

  • How To Go Viral On Tik Tok – Jonathan has broke 100k Followers on Tik Tok and has been crushing it. He was hosted in Legendary Marketers training and shows you how to recreate the process for yourself.
  • The Holy Grail Of Traffic – YouTube it then breaks down how he was able to leave his engineering job by utilizing Youtube and how to find red hot traffic where people are on the verge of already buying
  • Finding Keywords – How to find an infinite amount of ideas for videos that you plan on creating. Modeling people’s success and a smaller scale of your own.
  • Paid Advertising – He then breaks down his favorite paid traffic methods (Google Search Ads) and how you could be using them in your own business. He teaches you how to get your offer in front of people who’re looking for what you have.
  • Partnering With Him – The end of day 3 is concluded with teaching you how you can partner with him and make money with affiliate marketing promoting his products and his course. This is great because it gives you the ability to earn while you learn!

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Is The 3 Day Business Builder Challenge Worth It?

For starters, the cost is only $7, so it isn’t an investment that will really set you back.

But besides the price this is a massive amount of value packed into 3 days that probably wouldn’t be found in a course that costs 10X that amount.

Jonathan Montoya is notorious for providing serious amounts of value for free and his YouTube Channel and his group.

The best part about his content and training is that he is actually in the trenches and applying the methods that he teaches.

He isn’t another guru selling snake oil or methods that might work.

Over the last couple of years he has been making some major moves in the affiliate community and has been recognized by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Being able to partner with him while learning the exact methods that has allowed him to do that in such a short amount of time is an amazing opportunity.

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The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge is a great program for anyone looking to kickstart their affiliate marketing business.

I’ve personally made over 1k in commissions with Jonathan Montoya’s Affiliate program utilizing the methods that he teaches within his program.

Getting the opportunity to utilize his proven methods to start you’re own online business while partnering with him for a whole $7 is a massive amount of value.


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