12 Minute Affiliate Review

If you’re given an opportunity to earn while you sleep, you’ll take it, wouldn’t you? So, you may have come across 12 Minute Affiliate, which promises to help you earn some passive sales income. It also tells you that you don’t need any technical skills, hosting, product creation, or marketing experience to start making money.

12 Minute Affiliate promotes earning through affiliate marketing without putting in much effort by obtaining their services. Essentially, you’ll gain access to a quick start guide, a traffic area, a service manager, some resources, and an invitation to an exclusive Facebook group when you opt-in.

This article will discuss what 12 Minute Affiliate offers, its advantages and disadvantages, its legitimacy, and how you can earn money from it. It will also tackle a few common questions related to 12 Minute Affiliate.

What 12 Minute Affiliate Offers

12 Minute Affiliate offers to help you earn while you sleep. If you’re studying or working in the affiliate industry, you know that promoting sites and products takes plenty of work. However, with 12 Minute Affiliate, all you need is 12 minutes of your time to start earning.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for the unprepared, so 12 Minute Marketing targets people without experience or resources and aims to help them make some revenue. Essentially, 12 Minute Affiliate offers a done-for-you sales funnel, where you won’t need to do anything except click some buttons to avail their services and wait for your earnings to come.

The positive side to this is that it allows you to simply set things up within minutes and wait for it to earn you money. However, it would require you to pay more than you initially thought. You’ll find that you need to buy traffic, site membership, and your own email autoresponder besides the initial 14-day trial fee.

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Advantages of 12 Minute Affiliate

You’ll benefit from the following with 12 Minute Affiliate:

  • You’ll experience a quick funnel creation process. You don’t need coding skills or writing skills. You only need its simple instructions to create a custom affiliate funnel within minutes.
  • You’ll benefit from done-for-you traffic. You don’t need to worry about bringing traffic to your site with 12 Minute Affiliate. It offers to direct traffic to your site, so you can just purchase traffic from it and it’ll do the rest.
  • You’ll access done-for-you landing pages and email copies. If you don’t have time to write or aren’t naturally skilled in writing, you’ll love 12 Minute Affiliate’s done-for-you copies. You simply need to pick your niche, look through the copies, and customize them a little before placing them on your page or using them for funnels. You don’t need to worry about hiring a writer when you already possess workable copies.
  • You can finish setting things up within just 12 minutes. According to 12 Minute Affiliate founder Devon Brown, you’ll only need 12 minutes to start. 12 Minute Affiliate provides you with easy copy and paste instructions that make everything easy for you.
  • You’ll acquire some resources. This includes the done-for-you copies and a private Facebook group where you can reach out to others for support. You’ll also gain access to some live training replays and other things.
  • You’ll possess a 60-day money-back guarantee. If things don’t work out for you, you can request a refund from the 12 Minute Affiliate team. 

Disadvantages of 12 Minute Affiliate

When joining 12 Minute Affiliate, you may find these things discouraging:

  • You’ll need to obtain an email autoresponder separately. An autoresponder plays a crucial role in handling your emails to promote your products and such, so you’ll need to obtain one, such as Aweber, which 12 Minute Affiliate uses. 
  • You’ll need to purchase traffic from 12 Minute Affiliate to promote your products. Buying the initial 14-day 12 Minute Affiliate trial and its subsequent membership doesn’t mean you’ll receive traffic. To gain traffic, you need 12 Minute Affiliate’s built-in traffic source or your own traffic. This is a disadvantage if you don’t want to buy traffic from 12 Minute Affiliate or don’t know how to obtain free traffic by yourself.
  • You don’t know where its paid traffic comes from. If you choose to buy traffic from 12 Minute Affiliate, note that you won’t know where its traffic comes from. So, there’s a chance that your traffic comes from disinterested parties that won’t convert to customers.
  • You’ll need to obtain a membership after the trial period. If you tried 12 Minute Affiliate and wish to use it longer, you’ll need to obtain either a basic or gold membership. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. The basic membership allows you to market one niche, while the gold membership allows you to market three niches.
  • You may find it hard to understand how some things work. While 12 Minute Affiliate promotes itself as beginner-friendly, it provides no training or explanations on how things work. Hence, you’ll find yourself reliant on it.
  • You’ll lose plenty if 12 Minute Affiliate suddenly closes down. Since everything is done-for-you and you’re generally reliant on its system, you’ll lose everything you worked for if 12 Minute Affiliate suddenly disappears. You’ll also find it hard to pick up the pieces to restart your business if you’re inexperienced.
  • You can only promote pre-selected products. Highly-converting products are available for you to choose from, but nothing else besides those. You may find that discouraging since you won’t know how good the products are if you have yet to try them.

12 Minute Affiliate Legitimacy

12 Minute Affiliate is legitimate. It offers its clients some value and attempts to make affiliate marketing easy for them. However, it comes at quite a high expense if you do the calculations. On the other hand, founder Devon Brown and his team believe in their product and will do their best to help you out. 

They also provide handy disclaimers first to ensure you’ll know what to expect when you join 12 Minute Affiliate. If you want to know more about Devon Brown, check out his Facebook page or his YouTube channel below:

How 12 Minute Affiliate Works

If you’re curious about how 12 Minute Affiliate works, here’s how:

  1. You purchase 12 Minute Affiliate.
  2. You set up your account.
  3. You create a ClickBank affiliate account.
  4. You obtain an autoresponder.
  5. You create your landing pages and email funnels.
  6. You direct traffic to your landing pages.
  7. You earn money through affiliate commissions.

As mentioned earlier, 12 Minute Affiliate stays true to its word that it’ll simplify affiliate marketing for you. However, you need to prepare yourself to spend on extra expenses if you choose to sign up for it. 

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Should You Join 12 Minute Affiliate?

The choice to join 12 Minute Affiliate largely relies on your preferences. If you’re selling high-commission products and aren’t worried about spending money on extra expenses, you might benefit from joining. It’s basically a one-stop-spot for affiliate marketing, where you don’t need to open different sites and tabs to manage your business.

However, if you’re trying to dive into affiliate marketing without much budget, it’s best to learn affiliate marketing by yourself instead. The steps to start affiliate marketing with 12 Minute Affiliate are easy, but you won’t learn about the essentials like how to obtain free traffic and other things from it. There’s also the chance that your purchased traffic won’t come from interested potential customers.

Final Thoughts

12 Minute Affiliate works best with people who can spend money to earn money. It offers a done-for-you system that requires you to do nothing much except click to avail of marketing services. 12 Minute Affiliate can handle your traffic, product pages, and other things.

However, if you’re aiming to earn high from a low-cost investment, this may not suit you. You may also dislike how it offers little to no training on affiliate marketing and simply promotes that availing their services increases your sales chances.


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